HIPAA Compliance and Your Dental Office



HIPAA POLICY AND PROCEDURES are overall requirements to implement policies and procedures to prevent, detect, contain, and correct security violationsA Risk Assessment should be performed periodically to discusses implementing the recommend safeguards that where identified in the Risk Assessment.

Security Management Policy

Discusses that an organization must develop policies and procedures that will protect electronic protected health information (ePHI).

Risk Management

Discusses the required Risk Assessment that an organization must perform. The Risk Assessment is explained and the procedure for performing the Risk Assessment is defined. Purpose: identify where ePHI is located, the threats to ePHI, the risks to ePHI and determine safeguards to better protect ePHI.

Risk Analysis

Discusses implementing the recommend safeguards that were identified in your Risk Assessment. For example, if the Risk Assessment identified that there is no employee termination procedure in place, the organization should implement an employee termination procedure as part of the Risk Management procedure.

The policy also states that the organization will review and update the Risk Assessment periodically.

How DDS Can Help You

More stringent enforcement of HIPAA Laws is occurring as government payments are being tied to value-based care and Electronic Health Records. To assist your business with HIPAA Compliance Regulations we have partnered with  HIPAA Secure Now!  This program offers your practice a level of security that will ensure patient confidentiality.  For more Information Click on IT Support Services, then HIPAA  Compliance from the banner on the top of this page.

As a HIPAA SECURE NOW! partner we are able to offer a FREE 30 day trial and training on this fantastic HIPAA Compliance program. We strongly believe that this is an issue that deserves your attention.

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